Top 10 Business Benefits

TotalRepairs is a solution that is designed to make you work better.

Because of this, using the solution provides you with a wide ran of business benefits which improves your business processes and the service you deliver to your customer.

We’ve outlined the Top 10 for you:

1. Improved business efficiency – eliminate duplication of interfaces and unnecessary data entry

2. Streamlined work scheduling – match jobs to resources with intelligent scheduling

3. Improved efficiency and cost savings – through mobile working and the decrease in associated costs

4. Tighter cost control – understand exactly what each job is costing you in all relevant areas

5. More efficient work completions – operatives have all required information and materials at hand to get the job right first time

6. Better financial management – timely production of accurate invoices and the use of eTrading with supplier enables you to control debtors and creditors

7. Highly visible performance management – calculate key performance indicators including non-financial and operational information

8. Effective decision making – easy, intelligent access to supporting management information

9. Increased productivity – better resource deployment and tighter project control at every stage of the contract lifecycle

10. Total view of your business – management information at your fingertips with web enabled portal